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Hello my name is Starla and welcome to my site Starnyxi. A place to escape from the offline drama and stress. I just talk about whatever comes to mind or how I'm feeling on that day. I'm open to any blog topic suggestions though if you'd like to share some. Thank you for the visit and have a good day!

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Hello World

Typed By: Starla • Date: May 22,2020 •

Icon via Hellbound
Hope things are going well for everyone. I’m not fond of the weather it’s always ever changing between hot and cold here even the rain. It’s annoying to me and I just wish it’d snow since it never does in the area I’m in. Every once in a while we get rain and ice but not snow as if the weather a mind of its own. I was going through the Wayback Machine site for color schemes to use. I managed to find some that I liked and I downloaded those. I found my affie’s old site and saw this Miley header and stylesheet she used. I searched every where for the same stylesheet but the Wayback Machine doesn’t have it archived to where I’d be able to download it at I even tried to use a site to view the source code but it didn’t work directly from Wayback Machine. I want this stylesheet. Miley Cyrus have always been my favorite singer since her Hannah Montana days. It would totally cheer me up if I had the psd to that header and use it too but I know it’s not possible since that header old from 2008.

Last night I turned another stylesheet to work with WordPress since I was in the tinkering mood and the outcome I like how well it turned out. Since I love my host’s collective site’s layout very much I had to rummage around for a stylesheet similar to it. I got stuck at first since I didn’t have room to put my affies and link exchangers at until I figured out what to do. Everything is put together maybe move the stylesheet in the center a bit and color code it. This type of stylesheet I don’t often use but different is nice. Most of the time I use boxy stylesheets where the navigation is either above or under the header and sidebar on either side. In the past I used collage type stylesheets when Fallen Halo used to be popular since her style was different. I’d always admire how she made her designs but now I kind of prefer the boxy stylesheets as they don’t take too much time to put together. What kind of stylesheet style do you prefer? I think the preferences are different for everyone. I miss the site owner of Fallen Halo. I hope she’s doing okay with life. This is it for now a good sized entry right? Until next post…


Typed By: Starla • Date: May 18,2020 •

Icon via Hellbound
How’s it going people of the internet! Hope everyone is doing okay out there. I haven’t done much on getting it to stay either I’m changing stylesheets or the header in it. With my slideshow plugin I don’t have any issues because I can use headers in it at the same time instead of one at a time. Since I don’t have any more custom headers I kind of have no use for them. There’s two Kpop headers I managed to save via Twitter and two from dA. I had way more but I trashed them all thinking I wouldn’t need them again or no one else didn’t have psd files to change my site name on there. Right now I just use what I do have which isn’t so bad but I sometimes miss having custom designs which I miss it every day Oh well I’ll just be alright.

Since the last entry I’ve been doing okay just keeping myself occupied as usual nothing exciting going on. I’ve been filling up my portfolio page getting as much practice done. Some I plan for future uses but I’ll probably just make a new design if I don’t feel like using the preppy designs that I already have. Since there’s not many active people at from what I’ve seen I can always use any of the anime/celebrity designs there since the designs there pretty too. Only problem is that it’s hard to pick just one to use because I like them all. I’m not always indecisive it’s just sometimes hard with when it comes to owning a site. It’s not as hard but I manage through though. I don’t have any plans for this week but if anything exciting I’ll let you know. Until next post…